QFS is a metal fabrication and custom parts manufacturer located in Indianapolis, IN. Our workshop has served countless customers in need of precise, master-crafted solutions for their projects.

Extensive In-House Capabilities

Since 2007, we have fully modernized our fabrication and manufacturing equipment, including the addition of laser cutting equipment and a focus on the fabrication of machine parts. We have also expanded our in-house capabilities, meaning customers can expect to finish their entire project with us.

Rather than rely on three or four different manufacturing shops to finish one part or set of parts, our experts can complete entire projects in-house. In this way, we are committed to cutting your project costs, adding value to the entire process by saving you time and money spent on transportation.

Our Values

We operate our family business with your satisfaction in mind. Every day, we work to complete each and every project following this set of values and ethical guidelines:

Passion & Integrity

We love what we do and we love working on your projects. We bring integrity to each and every project with total transparency during the entire process.


We’re dedicated to you, not the numbers. Our goals is to provide you the best experience and encourage business with you for years to come.

Learning & Entrepreneurial Spirit

New techniques and cost-saving methods are developed for the metal industry regularly.

We go above and beyond to stay as educated as possible to provide you the most effective fabrication and manufacturing solutions. This is all a part of our entrepreneurial drive.

Responsibility & Hands-On Craftsmanship

We take the quality of our work personally. If our parts aren’t within your specific tolerance levels, we go back to the drawing board, work up new solutions, and develop the best product.

The outcome of each project is a direct reflection of who we are and how much your project means to us. We put our own elbow grease into each project we complete, and you’ll always interact directly with our team.

Management Team

Custom Laser Cutting

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Custom Laser Cutting

Charley Powers

Custom Laser Cutting

Sidney Powers

Custom Laser Cutting

Travis Issacs