It’s official: Melaun Industries of Indianapolis has officially changed its business name to Quality Fabricated Solutions (QFS). We want to thank our long-time customers for your loyalty and help during this transition. We also want to extend a big “Hello!” to new customers learning about us for the first time.

We thought it would be nice to give you a glimpse into our company history and set the scene for our business make-over. Here’s the story of how one family business transitioned to another family, and how we’ve charted positive growth ever since.

QFS History

QFS – then known as Melaun Industries – was purchased from the fourth generation of family ownership. The owners understood their craft, but had failed to keep up with emerging technology and changes in the business environment. Melaun was purchased in 2002 with the vision of maximizing efficiency through leveraging technology.

QFS was a continuation of Melaun, but with a different ownership . Charles Powers joined the team in 2014. This addition of Charles, pre-empted a change to the ownership and capital structure of the new company. Since customers had trouble spelling our name correctly, we believed not much brand equity would be lost in the transition.

Improving the Process

Improvement is an ongoing challenge, and QFS will embrace this using two main areas of focus. Those two areas are employees and technology.
Employees are at the heart of any successful business venture. QFS will strive to hire and develop people who have a passion for this industry. We also want to bring people into the fold who are passionate about their area of expertise. People need to enjoy what they do. Satisfaction comes from within. One member of the team, Kathy Butgereit, is managing the office, customer interactions, and material purchasing. Kathy is dedicated to make sure that the parts you order are delivered on time. She will also facilitate interaction between the shop floor and the customer, ensuring communication is smooth and transparent.

Utilizing technology as a competitive advantage is a must going forward in manufacturing. Staying ahead of the curve is as well. You do not want to be on the bleeding edge, but should be towards the front.

With our new software, we can program and process a variety of shapes, thicknesses and types of material. This allows the customers to change part dimensions and material type without having to pay thousands in tooling costs. With this flexibility, we can produce one prototype part or a thousand cost effectively. CNC operated lasers, press brakes and turret punch presses are at the heart of this effort.

Hard tooling is still an option, but most cost effective when used with higher volumes and predictable usage rates. We have a blanking press with an automated feed line, capable of producing millions of parts a year. When volume is the answer, we are the solution.

We sincerely believe the changes we have made, and the values we are instilled with will benefit the customer with quality parts and a competitive advantage to their peers. Continuous improvement through leveraging technology is a competitive advantage QFS plans to implement throughout its lifetime.

Looking Ahead

Going forward QFS will endeavor to exceed our customers expectations. We will strive to cultivate that relationship, and grow them into a competitive advantage they can use to exceed their customers expectations.

Building a new website and changing the Melaun name was only window dressing on an already vibrant business model. Our goal on a daily basis is delivering solutions to problems. We have focused on it in the past and will continue to make it a key differentiating factor in our future success.